Wagga Crime

The challenge we face

Wagga Wagga has on a number of occasions made it on the top of the NSW Crime list with respect to high crime rates. The majority of offenders appear to be juvenile.

Although this may cause concern to be alarmed, crime types and crime rates commonly fluctuate and are influenced in a number of ways, but not limited too :

  • The motivation of the offender
  • Relocation of offenders (crime families departing or entering areas)
  • Absence or presence of an active guardian
  • Opportunity to commit the crime
  • Seasonal related (summer versus winter)
  • Large public events or public gatherings coming into the community
  • Community response to create a safer environment
  • Police response to crime
  • Incarceration or release of offenders

” Some challenges that people face when discussing crime and the effects on the community are linked to their subconscious beliefs, experiences and opinion on what the solutions are to deter or prevent certain crime types”.

Additionally, opinion is often reflected upon the justice system in sentencing and or police handling of reported crimes.

To build capacity in the community, there must be a willingness for change , the first change is the ability to change ones own understanding of the issue and determine if a positive frame of mind can be adopted to look at the issue in a different view in comparison to previously held opinions.

You may ask yourself some or all of these questions below:

  • What do you know about the cause of different crime types
  • What opinion do you have that is negative
  • What beliefs do you have that reflect negative on police and the justice system in dealing with crime
  • What beliefs do you have that reflect mentality in old school versus new concepts
  • Am i doing enough to implement crime reduction or prevention throughout my daily routine.