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 WNHW Crime Reduction Working Group

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Wagga City Council Crime Prevention Committee

WORKING TOGETHER: Kat van der Wijngaart, Joe McGirr and Colin Taggart. Picture: Emma Hillier.

Colin Taggart, the Wagga Neighbourhood Watch representative, said he was pleased with the results of the first meeting.

“People are coming together in a positive sense to try and bring practical solutions to a very complex problem,” he said.

Wagga Neighbourhood Watch has come up with the suggestion that we look at laneways and access.

We see this as a simple, practical, cost-effective solution to stop perpetrators or vandals transiting between the suburbs.”

In the coming three months, Wagga Neighbourhood Watch will be looking at examples of laneways and developing ways of controlling access.

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Grinton Road Fence Project


For many years people have been using this pedestrian short cut between Ashmont & Glenfield. On a number of occasions this short cut is used after crimes, such as Vehicle Arson and or Burglary have been committed in either suburbs. It is the perfect escape route to venture undetected and unobserved from the public at night. Additionally there have been occasions of attempted train derailment by means of placing objects onto the rail track. Where the new fence and the old fence meet, substantial property damage to the fence occurred in acts of vandalism by those using this thoroughfare.

ARTC has done a great service to replace some of the old fencing, however due to land ownership identification issues, are not able to continue the fencing (see picture supplied).

Wagga City Council has received a report on this issue and WNHW is awaiting their response on the matter .