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Annual General Meeting

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January 20 2020 – 3:30PM

Wagga Neighbourhood Watch to begin Crime Prevention workshop in effort to deter criminal activity

Wayne Deaner works with Wagga Neighbourhood Watch to make the city safer. Picture: Emma Hillier

Wagga Neighbourhood Watch is making advancements to a crime-free city as part of their vision for 2020 with plans for a crime prevention workshop.

At this stage the workshop is just an idea hoping to gain traction in the near future depending on guest speaker availability and community interest, but the focus is already established according to WNHW media manager Mathieu Nolte.

“We will be looking at two concepts including social development and capacity building,” he said.

“Social development is all about educating people on the causes of some crimes and how we as a community can assist with continuing reinforcement of doing the right thing and supporting those in need of support.”

Mr Nolte said the key to crime prevention was education, which is what the workshops will focus on.

“We can’t deter crime if people don’t know how to,” he said.

“We need to find the underlying issues within our community and then workshop ways to solve those issues and different methods required to create safer communities.”

The workshop will see people separated into different groups, each focusing on a different aspect of crime and how to solve the problem.

In other news:

Mr Nolte said the other focus, capacity building, meant looking at ways to cope in the future.

“We also need to talk about what we can do to become resilient against crime and start changing the focus to prevention as opposed to being victims all the time,” he said.

Domestic violence will also be touched on when the workshop begins.

“The workshop in itself will cement the idea that there is a need for role models in society, and that includes anyone from a politician to someone in the home,” Mr Nolte said.

“There will also be some physical examples of positive reinforcement and how to change mindsets through said positive reinforcement.”

Wayne Deaner who also runs Wagga’s branch of Neighbourhood Watch said role models are essential for crime prevention.

“We are all from different walks of life and go down different paths so we need role models for a number of different aspects of life,” he said.

Mr Deaner said they were hoping to run more than one workshop in different suburbs if the interest was there.

“One suburb may have different crime issues than another so the message needs to be spread far and wide,” he said.

All members of the public are welcome to register their interest.

Once a guest speaker has been confirmed and numbers are determined, a date and location will be set for the workshop.